About Us

Project Digitize was created to fast track Digital Empowerment in Zambia. The project will actively drive affordable technology and create means to ensure more people in Zambia have sustainable access to technology. Access may be provided in the form of loans, grants and in some cases co-funding of devices.

The project will be phased, however it will ensure thousands of Zambians are connected and digitally included. Laptops, desktops, tablets and phones will be negotiated to ensure maximum value is rendered to the consumer. The service will be available through various public and private sector Financial Services Providers.

In order to ensure maximum value, there will be foundations offering content and certification to the unskilled population in Zambia. The project will also drive partners to set up training centers & innovation hubs to ensure that more people have access. The centers will not be limited to urban areas.

To offer a full consumer experience, a fully functional warranty partner will deliver support to all the chosen device brands across Zambia. This partner will offer 24/7/365 support and assistance on faulty equipment.

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